Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average wait time at your clinic?

Typical wait time is 20 minutes; we like to spend at least that amount of time with each patient. Don't forget, if you are a new patient, you can always save time by downloading our registration form (online) and completing it before you arrive. You can call ahead, too, and make an appointment. That way, we know when to expect you.

I already have a primary care physician, but he is far away and I can't always afford to see him. I don't have insurance. Should I have my health records transferred to your clinic, or would you simply collaborate with him?

No need to leave your primary care doctor all together; there may still be times when an illness will need additional expertise, or even a follow-up visit after you've been seen by us. No worries: we will always work with your physician, when necessary, so that—together—we can determine your best care and course of action.

Exactly what is a "Nurse Practitioner?"

Nurse Practitioners (NP) represent a healthy new trend in treatment and care.  Across the US and on the job NOW….there are more  than 200,000 Nurse Practitioners (NP) like Toni Silver at  Greenville Medical Clinic. These advanced-practice registered nurses typically bring up to seven years of  schooling and knowledge to their patients, including post- graduate study.  Plus, should your diagnosis or treatment require additional  analysis, GMC  will reach  out to your primary care doctor, or seek a physician’s input  in order to treat you. GMC’s goal is to help you get well, stay  well….be well! And while you're here, be sure to request any prescription refills you need for blood pressure,  diabetes medicines, cholesterol and others. Your personal NP at Greenville Medical Clinic offers a wealth of knowledge,  care and convenience. All for just $30 a visit. And prescriptions that may often cost you less!

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Greenville Medical Clinic Info

New Walk-in hours, Effective Sep 18, 2017
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday - 9am-5pm
Thursday & Friday - 4pm-9pm.

  • Specializing in adults 18 and older
  • Offering consultation, prescriptions, blood work and testing, referral to associated physicians and more
  • $30 Fee Paid by Debit or Cash
  • Closed: Sunday
  • Online pre-registration medical form available
  • 50-C Parkins Mill Rd, Greenville, SC 29607
  • Always welcome: 864.987.9919

Patient Form

The better we understand your symptoms and issues the better we can treat you and speed recovery.

Please be prepared to answer a few preliminary health questions when you arrive at our clinic and register. To save time, CLICK HERE to print out and complete the Registration Form, then present it when you arrive.

Download this file (Greenville-Medical-Clinic-Registration-Form.pdf)Greenville-Medical-Clinic-Registration-Form.pdf[Patient Form]171 kB

GMC Flier: in English, en Español

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$30 doesn't go far nowadays, but at GMC, it can sure take away some of life's pressues.
$30 doesn't go far nowadays, but here, it actually buys you a real angel of mercy.