Random Acts of Kindness

It's hard to believe that in April of 2017, the Greenville Medical Clinic will be starting its fourth year. My, how time has flown! We have had so many wonderful patients, some with serious problems, all needing understanding, compassion, and quality medical care. We have some exciting events in store for this year. Starting in February, we will have a series of heart healthy classes, diabetic classes, and language classes in the months to come. The language classes will be Beginning Spanish and English As A Second Language.

Our mission is still to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our patients. We will also be adding another day of clinic service in the next few months.

We are excited to see what the Lord will do this coming year. Please stop by as a new, former or returning patient. We would love to see you!


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         For over two years, we have been proud and privileged to serve our friends in the Greenville community. Our original fee for service was established so that our patients, no matter their income or lack of insurance, could access quality, affordable, professional and compassionate medical attention.

Today, many of our clinic supplies have increased in cost. And, because we are growing, we have taken on the financial responsibility of hiring professional assistants, in addition to welcoming our many volunteers. These increases in clinic expenditures have put us at a crossroad: cut back on the services we offer in order to stay in line with our clinic fee of $20. Or increase our fee so that we can continue to provide the expert services and procedures our patients need and prefer.

All things considered, my decision is to increase the clinic fee to $30 per visit, beginning August 1, 2016. All lab fees will remain the same, and as always, there is "no insurance required." As many of you know, this clinic is very important to me: a lifelong dream to serve Him by serving our community, including the underprivileged. I am also committed to providing the finest quality care that I can, which this fee increase will ensure.

Thank you for your understanding, and I apologize for any burden or inconvenience this may cause my patients. I look forward to offering even more services and specialized care to you, your families and to more patents in the future.


Be well, Toni Silver

NEWS from the Desk of Toni Silver

The word is out!  Be sure to look for our new marketing posters, now appearing on busses and in bus shelters all around Greenville.
The word is out! Be sure to look for our new marketing posters, now appearing on busses and in bus shelters all around Greenville.
Be sure to look for our new GMC marketing posters,  now appearing on Busses and in Bus Shelters  in and around Greenville.
Be sure to look for our new GMC marketing posters, now appearing on Busses and in Bus Shelters in and around Greenville.

Dear Friends of GMC,

Hard to believe that Autumn is upon us, so harshly ushered in by the cold winds and rain of Hurricane Joaquin. What a way to start off a season!

Recently, I came across a couple of important new studies I’d like to share with you. They’re all about the health of our hearts.

According to a new study on hypertension— overviewed this September in USA Today—the aggressive treatment of high blood pressure (BP) can reduce the risk of death by as much of 25%...especially in those of us who are 50 and over. High BP increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease and other serious problems. That said, please remember that you can walk into our clinic any time during normal clinic hours and get a free BP check. I’d be happy to help you get your pressure under control through medication and healthy eating habits. Just ask!

How old is your heart? Really?
In case you need another reason to manage your blood pressure…consider this:
Three out of four American adults, from age 30-74, have a “heart age” quite a bit older than their chronological, or actual age…

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Dos and Don'ts for Saving Money on Rx Drugs

As you may know, at Greenville Medical Clinic we are always trying to help you save money on your prescriptions. Recently, I came across a feature article in WebMD, titled "Dos and Don'ts for Saving Money on RX Drugs." It offers some really great ideas, which I want to pass on to all my patients.

Here's a little background: In 2008, American patients and insurance companies spent more than $234 billion on prescriptions, up from $40 million in 1990. In 2020, annual spending on prescription drugs is expected to top $512 billion.

Here are just a few things you can do RIGHT NOW to take the pain out of paying for prescription drugs.

Five Good Ways to Save Money on Medicine

1. Do Ask About Generic Options

In most cases, generic drugs can save a great deal of money. And almost 80% of FDA-approved drugs have generic alternatives that cost an average of four times less than the brand-name versions. Be sure to check out your options.

2. Do Look Into Splitting Higher-Dose Pills

Pill splitting is based on the fact that many pills cost about the same even if they contain twice as much medication. An 80 mg pill is often close in price to a pill with 40 mg of the same drug. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if your medication is safe for pill splitting. If so, ask your Nurse Practitioner or doctor to prescribe twice the dosage you really need, so you can split your pills in half.

NOTE: Be aware, many pills are not safe to split, including time-released drugs, coated pills, and capsules. Ask your ask pharmacist whether it's safe to split a pill.

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Our first Health Fair was a success!

As many of you know, Saturday (April 18) marked the one-year Anniversary celebration of Greenville Medical Clinic. To honor this special occasion, we hosted a Free Community Health Fair….open to adults and children of all ages from neighboring communities around Greenville.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the event, the activities, and the amazing turnout we had…lasting well into the afternoon on a surprisingly and unexpectedly sunny day (Thank You, God!)

Many of you had blood work done and were tested for Blood Sugar (Diabetes)…or even Blood Pressure. Others stopped by our free Health Fair just for the fun of it, enjoying heathy snacks and especially, the popular Mango Smoothies prepared by Nutritionist Dianne Laxton, and the delicious Spinach Dip and other healthy snacks, whipped up by Carolyn/Kelly Biondo. Twisted balloons, and the antics of Buttons The Christian Clown delighted both parents and children alike (Jim is a truly great person who not only was the hit of the Fair, but typically gives his “Clowning” proceeds to the Missions. A good Christian, indeed.).

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Goals for Achieving a Healthy Heart

man walking
(as reported in webmd.com/heart-disease/news)

The American Heart Association has identified seven "simple" steps you can take for a healthy heart.
The road to better cardiovascular health will take some work, but in the long run is well worth the effort. Start Now!!

Cardiovascular health can be can be categorized as Poor, Intermediate, or Ideal. Published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, the AHA says ideal cardiovascular health for adults is defined by these health measures:

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Just one year ago...

Picture 3.smallI drove myself to a nearby hardware store and said, "Make 3 copies of this key, please." The date was April 24, 2014.The key was to a dream come true; I was finally opening my very own walk-in medical clinic in Greenville, South Carolina.

For certain, my prayer was answered.

I was scared and nervous. Excited and sleepless...all over the same nagging, unanswerable questions. What if nobody shows up? What if EVERYBODY shows up? And all at the very same moment? What if the building renovations aren't ready in time? Dear Lord, please help me get through this so I can start healing those who need me most.

For certain, my prayer was answered. To date, Greenville Medical Clinic has seen over 300 kind and grateful people...from all walks of life...with all kinds of illnesses - chronic and otherwise. Some have little or no income. Many in the neighborhood are seniors or older. Most are uninsured or have very high deductibles and suffer the consequences of poor health, due to inadequate medical attention...until now. At GMC, we believe people have the right to be healthy. At just $20 per visit, we give them that chance every day.

I hope you'll continue to check out these personal postings from me, to you. Of late, I've been attending special Diabetes conferences in Charlotte. I've been asked to share my knowledge of health care, from a Nurse Practitioner's point of view, at a variety of different seminars in and around Greenville. If I'm not in an exam room taking care of you, or someone you may know, you can be sure I'm out discovering new and smarter ways to help my patients feel good. Stay healthy. And live better.

Until next time, here's to your good health!


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Greenville Medical Clinic Info

New Walk-in hours, Effective Sep 18, 2017
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday - 9am-5pm
Thursday & Friday - 4pm-9pm.

  • Specializing in adults 18 and older
  • Offering consultation, prescriptions, blood work and testing, referral to associated physicians and more
  • $30 Fee Paid by Debit or Cash
  • Closed: Sunday
  • Online pre-registration medical form available
  • 50-C Parkins Mill Rd, Greenville, SC 29607
  • Always welcome: 864.987.9919

Patient Form

The better we understand your symptoms and issues the better we can treat you and speed recovery.

Please be prepared to answer a few preliminary health questions when you arrive at our clinic and register. To save time, CLICK HERE to print out and complete the Registration Form, then present it when you arrive.

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$30 doesn't go far nowadays, but at GMC, it can sure take away some of life's pressues.
$30 doesn't go far nowadays, but here, it actually buys you a real angel of mercy.